Dan Flores

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Dan Flores

Graphic Designer/Illustrator
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Daniel Flores (DTM, DaCreativeGenius) is a Mexican-American (Chicano) multidisciplinary Artist with 20 years experience in Graphic Design, Web Development, Concept Art, Vector Illustration and Traditional Arts in Pencils and Acrylic. He is widely known by his title: Da Creative Genius.
Ever since arriving in Atlanta in 1994, DTM has been involved in the art community starting with opening Vantage Pointe Studios featuring art by emerging ATL Artists.
DTM’s Tattoo Studio won Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta award in 2002 and his art has been featured in magazines and online interviews including a bit on the 2012 July issue of ImagineFX Magazine.
Since 2004, DTM has participated in over 25 group ArtShows in the Atlanta Area. He’s a founding member of the arts community organization Art Is King and is the curator of the free monthly MeetUps designed to bridge the gap between creative skills and business education to empower the artist to thrive.
In 2011, DTM jumped into acting with The Walking Dead on AMC for one episode and since then he’s been featured in several movies (Triple Nine, Let’s Be Cops and DayBlack) and TV shows (Constantine, Complications and If Loving You Is Wrong) as a mean looking dude.
DTM’s most recent projects are the VectorMaestros.com series of online courses designed to share his Adobe Illustrator and Digital Drawing knowledge to students worldwide and live drawing on the Surface line of machines with Sketchable App every day for the @DrawDaily2017 Challenge.
DTM supports the Arts Community where ever there’s an artist!

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