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Writer. Cosplayer. Public Speaker. Advocate. Womanist.

TaLynn Kel is a writer, cosplayer, and activist in Atlanta, Georgia. She writes about racism, cosplay, interracial relationships, and pop culture through the lens of social justice. She conducts panels on these topics at fandom conventions both in and out of Georgia. Her work has been featured by NBC, Safety Pin Box, and Fabulize Magazine. Her essays have been published on Black Girl NerdsThe EstablishmentHuffington Post, and Everyday Feminism.

You can find her work on her website, Breaking Normal. Her book, Breaking Normal, contains many of the essays she published in 2016 and is available on Amazon. She is also active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under the handle @TaLynnKel.


TaLynn Kel can be found on Twitter and Instagram under the handle @TaLynnKel.


Photo credits: Top Hat Photo:  photo by Andrew Michael Phillips; Bleez – photo by Andrew Michael Phillips  edits by Acdramon’s Cosplay Cavern; Domino – Photo by Andrew Michael Phillips; Hellboy – photo by Jason Bohannon at Soulfuric Studios; Mohawk Storm – photo by Andrew Michael Phillips  edits by Acdramon’s Cosplay Cavern

All sessions by Talynn Kel

Anti-Blackness in Fandom

Mar 03 2018
4:00 pm - 4:50 pm
360 HLN Studio