Last updated: March 2, 2017 at 8:41 am

Andrea Zoppo

Founder, Ladybug Events

Andrew Greenberg

Executive Director, Georgia Game Developers Association

April Borchelt

Background Painter

Asante Bradford

Project Manager, Georgia Department of Economic Development

Brittany Anne

Lolita Fashion Enthusiast

Cass De Vair

Esoteric Scholar/Practicing Occultist

Cheyenne Skirvin

Lolita Fashion Enthusiast

Chris Jones

Director, ARTC

Daniel Flores

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Daniel Peterson

Co-Founder, Mind Bubble

Darius Washington

Videographer/Fandom Expert

David Benedict

Vice President and Executive Producer, ARTC

David Hixon

3D Animator

Dawud Anyabwile

Creator and Illustrator "Brotherman"

Deborah Gonzalez, Esq.

Attorney, Letterbox Legal





Dustin A. Bolton

Illustrator/Digital Artist

Egg Embry

Writer/RPG Wanna-lancer

Emily Peterson

Board of Directors, Mind Bubble

Eric L. Watts

Star Trek Enthusiast

Erich Thomas

Co-Founder, Pharaoh’s CONclave

Fiona Leonard

Master Costumer

Gerald Coleman

Author/Co-founder of The Affrilachian

Greg Burnham

Writer "Tuskegee Heirs"

Gregory “Brother G” Walker

Author/CEO, African Legends Animation LTD


Gunpla Enthusiast

Havana Nguyen

UX Designer/Lead Character Artist, Kamikaze

Heather Alexander

Lolita Fashion Enthusiast

James “Mase” Mason

Comic Book Artist/Illustrator

James Eugene

Visual Artist/Wen Designer

Jeff Carroll


Jeffrey Hall

Second Shooter, Dr. Law's Photolab

Jeremy Green

BA, Religious Studies/Masters of Divinity Candidate

John McGuire


Johnathan Brown

Pastor/MA, Religious Studies


Creators, "Kamikaze" Weekly Webcomic

Kat Goduco


Kathy Jo Ryan

Owner, Melon Head Productions, LLC

Katy Hinman

Masters, Divinity/PhD, Ecology and Evolution

Kelsi Jackson 


Kristofer Pearce

Co-Founder, Dream Ink Comics

Latoya Simmons

Creative Director, Dr. Law's Photo Lab

Leigh “Dr. Law” Willis

First Shooter/Dr. Law's Photolab

Leland Beauchamp

Character Creator

Lovely Lunette

Lolita Fashion Enthusiast

M. Alex LaShelle

Sequential Artist/Writer

Marcus Williams


Mark McCray

Author, "The Best Saturdays of our Lives"

Matt Goodson

Actor/Musician, ARTC

Melanie Sharon

Ladybug Events

Peter Mitchell

Writer/Game Master

R. Alan Siler

Co-Chair, WhoAtlanta

R. Gregory Christie

Illustrator/Owner, GAS-ART Gifts

Sean T. Conlon

Ladybug Events

Solomon Cormier

Integrated Marketing Strategist

Talynn Kel


Ted Skirvin

Game Master

Terminus Media

Independent Publisher

The Aficionados

Social Media Gurus

The Madd Penciler 

Graphic Artist

Thrill Builds Cosplay


Tiffany Rishel

2D Animator

TJ Morris

Author, "The Cathedral"

Tony Ross


Violette L. Meier

Author/ Owner, Digidence Social Media Marketing, LLC

Walter Dean

Apparel and Costume Designer, Dean's Lyst

William Satterwhite

Creator/Writer "Stealth"