Ben Meeks

Ben is a North Georgia native, and world traveler, who prides himself on using real world experiences to add realism to his fiction. He was a medal winner in a martial arts competition, been in a high speed car chase, had a late night phone call from the secret service, who he hung up on, and been shot. When not writing about himself in the third person he is hard at work writing Contemporary Fantasy and Science Fiction. He debuted his first series, The Keeper Chronicles, in 2018.

Petrified (Book 1) — Thera, the Earth Mother, is under siege. Demons from other worlds sneak through magical portals and wreak havoc on earth. In response, she created the Keepers, a group of shapeshifters made from the world’s most skilled predators, to protect her, and us. The fate of North Georgia hangs in the balance when an unknown menace with a new magic threatens to bring the Keepers to their knees. It’s up to Obie, the Keeper of North Georgia, and some unlikely allies to put an end to the destruction before it’s too late. What will happen when the hunter becomes the hunted?