The Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo is proud to announce that we are the final stop on Tim Fielder’s ‘Retro to Rocket Road Tour” which is touring the South this winter.

Tim Fielder is an accomplished illustrator, concept designer, cartoonist, and animator. He is also actively involved in the Afrofuturism movement and has attended conventions and symposium all over the country. This tour is to spotlight his latest creation, “Matty’s Rocket,” which is Tim’s first entry into the genre of “Dieselfunk.”


Fielder has many years of experience in storyboarding, film visual development, gaming, comics and animation industries. His clients have included Marvel Comics and Ubisoft Entertainment.

Along with his work in the commercial fields, Tim is also well-versed as an educator. He has worked for such institutions as the New York Film Academy and New York University