The Southeastern Gundam Club will be joining this year’s Expo and they are planning activities for the entire weekend. They are hosting panels, contest, workshops and battle competitions.

The Southeastern Gundam Club is an organization dedicated to community development through service and creative expression and communication using the Gunpla hobby, a unique form of mecha-modeling born from the beloved 1979 Japanese animated franchise, Mobile Suit Gundam.

A volunteer-operated organization founded by model enthusiasts in the Southeastern United States, its mission is to nurture and grow the Gunpla community by organizing special events and providing resources for local build meetups where individuals can connect, create and contribute.

In less than two years since its founding in 2016, it has expanded rapidly into a network of over 500 members and hobbyist meetups spanning across five states and has become a presence at local conventions including MomoCon, Japanfest and Anime Blast.

Whether you are an experienced builder or a newcomer to the hobby or the franchise, we believe there is great joy in building Gunpla together! Come build with us!