Point…Click…Shoot!  Somebody dial 911, Andrew Michael Phillips just slayed another photo shoot.

 Andrew Michael Phillips, or Dru as he likes to be called, is a master photographer that skillfully combines lighting, creativity and personality to make his visuals unforgettable.  He holds a BFA in illustration and MFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  Because of his stellar work, Dru was featured in Cosplay in America,Playboy, and articles on leading sites such as Huffington Post.

 As an experienced photographer, Dru successfully works with various types of photo styles: fitness, fashion, celebrity, corporate, editorial and sports.  His talent and eye for creativity has also earned him the recognition as a prominent cosplay photographer, where countless cosplayers vie for his camera’s attention.

In addition to his work behind the lens, Dru has worked as a casting director for Unique Castings in South Beach Miami and was a featured photographer on the reality shows, Heroes of Cosplay (SyFy) and Beyond The Pole (UMC).

Currently, Dru is the mastermind behind The AMP Image and is an instructor at the Atlanta School of Photography where he teaches photography courses and Photoshop.