Fiona Leonard is a distinguished costume designer whose reputations speaks for itself.  She has built costumes in many genres: WCW Wrestlers, Superheroes, Fortune Tellers, Burlesque Dancers, Steampunk, Acrobats, Victorian Carolers, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Fiona holds a BFA in Theatre from the University of Georgia and has been costuming in the Atlanta area for over 25 years. She holds “Master Costumer” status with the International Costumer’s Guild for several World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention masquerade wins, as well as several wins at Costume-Con including, “Best in Show”.

In her spare time, Fiona teaches costume workshops and classes for schools and the annual SETC conference.  She has also served as costume director for the Georgia Renaissance Festival and Stone Mountain Park. In 2004, she held the esteem honor of being the co-chair for the ICG Costume Conference.

Fiona currently works at Costumes, Etc. in Atlanta, where you can find her sharing her knowledge and skill set with aspiring cosplayers, as well as expert cosplayers, helping them to hone their cosplay mystique by styling, enhancing, designing and creating masterful pieces that are truly one of a kind.  When Fiona Leonard designs your costume, you know it is authentic, you know you look amazing and you know that you are at the top of the class.