Sponsorship Opportunities

Building Community Partnerships

Hello, I’m Tony Cade a founder/administrator for the Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo (ASFE) and owner of Challenges Comics and Games. The goal of the Expo has always been to provide a full-scale fan convention free and open to the public. We believe that communities are made stronger by discovering common interests and building relationships with our neighbors.

Each year ASFE spotlights the talents of dozens of visual artists, writers, animators, actors, game designers, cosplayers, prop makers, performers and content developers. In 2018, we attracted 50 vendors from across the United States and offered more than 60 hours of free panels and workshops. The Expo also boasts a 20,000 sq. ft. gaming venue, Maid Cafe and live entertainment. Our attendees are provided opportunities to meet and learn from a diverse cross-segment of professionals and devoted hobbyists covering everything from strategies for turning a hobby into a small business to hands-on creation of an animated short to spirited discussions around real-world science versus comic book superpowers.

As the event has grown, we have worked diligently to honor our original commitment to providing a free show, however greater attendance means we must provide more tables, chairs, signage, printing, and audio/visual support. The Expo is fully staffed by volunteers and offsets a portion of its expenses through table fees collected from vendors in our Dealer’s Hall/Artists Alley. For the remainder, we are reliant on private donations and sponsorships from businesses and organizations in the community.

This year we have identified the following sponsorship opportunities:

In addition to the listed sponsorship tiers, we also welcome in-kind donations  (e.g., table and chair rentals, product samples, print services, etc.). For more information on how you can assist the Expo’s mission, please complete the contact form below or call  Challenges Games and Comics at 678-973-0410.

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to seeing you at the Expo!


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