Native Comics ( is an Atlanta-based comic book company started by local artist Rod Brown. He creates comics that deliver exciting and adventurous storytelling, while also providing positive images of all ethnic backgrounds. Reacting to the chaos and corruption of our society, Rod has envisioned comic books that mix fantasy with real-life problems. Protectors of the Native Order (POTNO), Sazz, G-Man and The Indeegos, the first four series titles, will showcase characters from very diverse backgrounds. Native Comics strives to bring cultural education. Along with enhancing the morals and ethics of society. Upcoming issues plan to address: Mental and spiritual awareness, crime, the importance of family relationships, education, drugs in our society, homelessness, male/female relationships, parenthood, race relations and heritage.


In conjunction with Women’s History Month in March, Native Comics is releasing their latest series, Sazz #1, the *first* comic book to represent a black female, superhero team duo, all supported by an all-female cast. The story of Sazz is about a pair of twin sister mystics who develop their amazing abilities to battle the darkest evils on earth and other celestial realms; all while trying to find their way back home.