Sponsored by Games Workshop and organized by Challenges Games and Comics. The Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo will be running tournaments for Warhammer 40K and Blood Bowl. And for those not quite ready to be consumed by battle rage. Free Paint and Take stations will be set up around the expo to allow and assist guest in painting miniatures. Below is a schedule of planned events.

Coordinators: Victor Lloyd and Khayman Bliss
GW Paint and Take: Running all day Saturday and Sunday. Paint an official complementary GW miniature and take it home with you. Miniatures, brushes, and paints will be provided. No previous painting or hobby experience required. Our coordinators will be on-hand to offer painting tips and tutorials.
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Saturday: Warhammer 40k Mini-Tournament

4-7 Players: 1:00pm. – 5:30pm., 3 swiss rounds of 1h 30m each

8+ Players: 1:00pm. – 7:00pm., 4 swiss rounds of 1h 30m each

1000 Points, BRB Maelstrom of War missions, ITC FAQ
No Lords of War
Winner receives $100 Store Credit, with possibility of additional door prizes for all players.
Sunday: Blood Bowl Open Play
Sunday 12 noon to 6pm.
Final Day Blitzmania! All Registered Teams Welcome!
No Piling On or Star Players
Also running game demos and open exhibition play. Anyone is welcome to play and learn the game.
For sake of expediency, demo games and open exhibition games will be set at 1,000,000 GP