Cara Caravan is an award-winning artist and costume designer who has been cosplaying in Atlanta for over 10 years. She has won several awards for her sculptures, paintings, and costumes. One of her favorite art mediums is a process of sculpting wool into 3D sculpture, otherwise know as “needle-felting.” As an artist, Cara has been known for unique needle-felt dolls (A.K.A. “Caravan Creatures”), and eventually learned to translate this skill into creating needle-felted props and costume accents.

She is very involved in the cosplay community, often collaborating with geek-themed party promoter MarksterCon ( and dressing up to celebrate many costume-related events at Atlanta’s premiere concert venue and event space: The Masquerade. She is also part of a cosplay charity group called The Atlanta Ghostbusters, best known for her role as “Slimer” the ghost.

Cara graduated from Georgia State University with a double bachelors degree in Psychology and Studio Art. She has been involved with many organizations that believe in uplifting the community through the arts, and she currently works as a Public Art Conservation Technician for the City of Atlanta.


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