Dana Morgan is an Executive Assistant/Event Planner by day, and a con/cosplay photographer by night. Her passion for photography is uncharted and she uses that passion to drive the art of cosplay pass the limits; providing her subjects with eye-catching photos that embody their characters and compliments their creativity.

Dana has taken pictures for corporate events, orchestras, weddings and more for over 18 years. In 2016, she started working as a con photographer for local cons. You can find her capturing moments at various cons such as MomoCon, Anime Weekend Atlanta, JapanFest, BlerDCon, and much more! After successfully making her mark in the con world, Dana created her company, Danique Events, providing personalized photos to the cosplay and con communities with her special branded touch.

Dana’s natural eye for photography, love of anime, comics, games, and movies puts her at ease in the con world. Because of her impressive dossier and magnetic personality, Dana was sought after to team up with Cosplay Your Way, to help develop and enhance the photos of POC cosplayers in Atlanta through Cosplay Noir and #28DaysOfBlackCosplay. Dana’s love of anime, comics, games, and movies puts her at ease in the con world. Her friends and family have given her a new goal… to become a cosplayer! Be on the look out as she takes on the con world as dual force; a cosplayer and photographer!

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